Special Issue of Women’s History Review

Tower Block before demolition 2016, Glasgow (c) John Goodwin

The social sciences are replete with past research studies, worthy of a ‘second look’ but which have often become lost in the mists of academic time. Once cutting-edge research produced by innovative researchers seemingly passed over in pursuit of the ‘new’. In this introductory paper, we reflect on why valuable studies have come to be disregarded by focusing on the work of Pearl Jephcott. We offer a brief biographical sketch before reflecting on why it is important for contemporary researchers to revisit the work of previous generations. We illustrate some of Pearl’s concerns as detailed in ‘Time of One’s Own’ (1967) by focusing on her innovative use of images. We go on to introduce the papers in this special issue of Women’s History Review all of which originated from a conference honouring Jephcott: Gender, Youth, Community, Methodology and More: A Symposium Celebrating the Life and Work of Pearl Jephcott.

Papers are by

Barry HazleyValerie WrightLynn Abrams & Ade Kearns

Tony Jeffs

Susan A. Batchelor

Helen McCarthy

Lynn AbramsLinda FlemingBarry HazleyValerie Wright & Ade Kearns

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