Research Image Competition

Professor John Goodwin

John Goodwin has been shortlisted for the Images of Research Competition organised by the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, University of Leicester. The narrative for his picture is as follows:

Pearl Jephcott (1900-1980): The ‘Czechoslovakia’ Notebook: A central feature of sociological practice is to continually record the things we encounter, hear and observe to stimulate our sociological imagination. Pearl Jephcott was an exceptional sociologist who epitomised this ‘craft’. Now largely forgotten, a reanalysis of her richly detailed notebooks is essential if we are to both fully understand her contribution to the discipline and to bring her unique sociological contribution back into view.  These notebooks, alongside others forms of marginalia and research ephemera, so often overlooked, reveal much about the history of the discipline and those who have contributed to it.

John’s picture will be shown on Thursday 9 February 2017, from 5pm, in the Attenborough Arts Centre, when the…

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